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mybackyardicerink Online Rink Magazine (E-zine), Issue #001 -- teaser here
October 07, 2009
Hello Backyard Rink & Hockey Fans!

This email is to proudly announce our revised website at:

I have added lots of great content to the site.

mybackyardicerink.Com web site has been revised completely.

I am trying to add more features such as web blog, videos, product reviews, photo gallery and much more...

Blogs: What is new. We will have regular listing if you subscribe to my blog.

Video: On how to build your own ice rink is coming soon. Visitors to the site will have more visual grasp of rink building.

Photo gallery: I encourage our visitors (rink builders) to send their photo from every corner of the world. I will post the photos you sent of your rink on the site.

Reviews: visitors will be able to post their opinion on the rink products they have used.

Last season I advised many of our visitors & subscribers at different stages of their backyard rink-building project.

Many have successfully built their rink and have given me much positive feedback. They expressed to me how useful the site has been to them and that they really learned a lot from the information contained on the site. I am truly proud of this. Thank you!

As all of you know, the purpose of this web site is entirely devoted to backyard rinks and offers (for free), the best information, tips, advice and recommendations on how to build your own backyard hockey rink and backyard ice skating rink.

I'd like to ask for more of your feedback in order to make this site the best it can be.

I appreciate your support.

Much, much more will be added to the REVISED mybackyardicerink.Com web site, so please contribute your opinion and ideas for the site!

Please visit the site frequently to be informed of the latest information, OR SUBSCRIBE to mybackyardicerink Blog News at:

Good luck to all backyard rink builders again this season!

1-888-927-3423 (YARD-ICE)

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