Picto Studio

Mr. Dan Andersen, of Picto Studio, helped in the design and creation of the header for Mybackyardicerink.Com .

Among the design of Mr. Dan Andersen, many other creative artists also contibuted ideas and design of headers for Mybackyardicerink.Com, and it was the design of Dan Andersen that we chose to use as our header. We found his end result very impressive

I have added this page as credit to the work of Mr. Dan Andersen.

Ice Hockey Star      

Picto Studio is a one-man visual communication studio, currently located in Bergen Norway.

I recently relocated from Sydney Australia to Norway after working as an interactive designer for the advertising agency Ogilvy.

Re-locating to Norway I decided to persue my dream of running my own design studio full time.

After a slow start, I have built up a larger network of designers, illustrators and programmers

Picto Studio can help clients with a whole range of solutions and can now help clients with anything from websites and mobile applications to logo, corporate profiles and events stands.

      American Football Star
Soccer Star      

These images are part of a series of self promoting business cards inspired by old collector cards and featured myself as a football player, soccer player, ice hockey player and pilot.

You can read more about it on my website www.pictostudio.com Picto Studio

The site is currently only in Norwegian, but there will be an English version ready early January 2010.

You could also contact me by e-mail at: hello@pictostudio.com.

Dan Andersen
Visual Communicator
Picto Studio


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