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February 27, 2013 - 2012-13 End of Season Discount Sale!

Discount Sale on Hockey Rink Nettings and Plastic Rink Liners For The End of 2012-2013 Season

Dear Member,

We hope everyone is having a great skating season!

www.mybackyardicerink.comis now offering a end-of-season discount sale!

We are now offering:

We offer this to all our members. This is a very BIG discount for those who are planning to build a rink next year, so please take advantage of it.

If you need any more information or help please send us an email at :

How to Maximize your Skate Days This Season

Here are some practical tips for optimizing the ice life in your backyard ice rink. Pay attention to these things, and you might coax another 2 weeks or more out of your backyard ice rink:
  1. Shade.
    Ice stays icy longer in shaded areas.

  2. Rink covers, reflective covers, etc.
    Rink covers serve as removable shade. But additionally, they trap the cold against the ice, and help insulate it from the warmer ambient heat. If that cover is reflective, all the better.

  3. Groom your ice frequently.
    First: Remove fresh snowfall off the ice regularly to maintain your ice rock-solid. Snow insulates. Neglect to remove the snow, and you'll end up with slushy ice, at least on top of your rink. The last thing you need are watery potholes at all the shallow ice areas of your rink.

    Second: Spread a thin coat of water over your ice surface each evening. This can be done with a gentle stream from the hose, but better is to mist the rink, or to use an 'ice rake' or other ice resurfacing tool. The water will fill in any cracks developing in the ice, will melt bits of snow or shaved ice that could insulate the rink, and then freeze, strengthening the ice.

  4. Refrigerated Rink.
    If you are using a Refrigerated rink chillers than you will have a longer season. They are an expense, but your rink will remain frozen solid even when the ambient temperature nudges its way into the high-50's and 60's.

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