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August 05, 2011

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New at is growing!

  • We've added more information. For example, we now offer do-it-yourself suggestions for building rink boards. Chances are good that you'll find even more information than you found the last time you stopped by.
  • You can now purchase ice hockey equipment from a trusted source - The mybackyardicerink Store. If the equipment is good enough for us, we'll accept it for sale in our online mybackyardicerink Store. We're still putting stuff on the 'shelves', but some of the essentials are already available to you, for example plastic rink liners.
  • Now, during the off-season, is a great time to really study the plans for building a backyard ice rink! By the time October rolls around, you'll be ready and prepared like a pro to set up the rink perimeter in preparation for precipitation. Need ideas or help? Join the mybackyardicerink Community

Opportunities for You to Share your Pictures and Stories

  • Community: Join our community of backyard ice rink builders! Post your triumphant pictures, and get help with solving the problems you had with last winter's backyard ice rink. At the same time, you might be able to help someone else with their questions.
  • Your Backyard Rink: Recount a favorite story, and post up to 4 related pictures!

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