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Residential Portable Refrigerated Ice Rink at Elmhurst, Illinois, USA

chicago - chiller, back

Images showing a residential ice rink with our portable refrigeration equipment installed and being enjoyed.

Continue reading "Residential Portable Refrigerated Ice Rink at Elmhurst, Illinois, USA"

Wayne Gretzky

Dedicated web page about Wayne Gretzky. Read this short Wayne Gretzky biography to better understand his influence on the sport of hockey and the NHL.

Continue reading "Wayne Gretzky"

13 years in the making

Twelve years ago my wife and I bought a house in North Haven Ct. Growing up playing pond hockey and football in the park I always had a love for the outdoors

Continue reading "13 years in the making"

Play Backyard Hockey - The Joy of a Backyard Ice Rink

Play Backyard Hockey. Why 'play' an electronic game when you can be out skating? Here are 5 reasons why a genuine backyard hockey rink is worth the effort.

Continue reading "Play Backyard Hockey - The Joy of a Backyard Ice Rink"

The Boisvert Arena Story

C2 - Boisvert Arena - group

The Boisvert Arena Story: Jim Boisvert's dream of building a backyard hockey rink arena in Wisconsin USA.

Continue reading "The Boisvert Arena Story"

Hockey Net NHL: Exact specifications of an NHL hockey goal net, with pictures.

Hockey Net NHL

Continue reading "Hockey Net NHL: Exact specifications of an NHL hockey goal net, with pictures."

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