Build Rink Brackets

There are many different ways to build rink brackets.

There are also different types of materials such as wood, metal or plastic that you can use in order to make your outdoor rink brackets.

You can also purchase rink brackets instead of making rink brackets yourself.

Example of Rink Brackets for Outdoor Skating RinkMaking Wooden Rink Brackets

The decisions you make will result in the type of boards you will end up having and your decision will depend on how much time you have, your budget, and the quality of the brackets you need. It will also depend on the space you have.

I decided to build rink brackets.

There are several different methods and materials you can use to build rink brackets of different types. I will also show you where to buy good quality, reliable, and easy-to-install rink brackets for your backyard ice rink.

Wood is a good material for making rink brackets for your outdoor skating rink. That’s what I did, and I will know show you how I did it.

Illustration of Wooden Rink Brackets for Outdoor Ice Rink

You can see the final look of my rink & boards by going to the Liner Method page of my web site.

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