Goalie Shooting Targets

Goalie shooting targets help shooters drill the spots goalies find so hard to defend.

I have provided a goalie substitute for my son when he is outdoors. This makes it fun for him to shoot even when he is out on our backyard ice rink alone!

These targets are made for use in tough, ice hockey environments.

We carry these hockey goalie shooting Targets:

Mr. Goalie Shooting Target 72 x 48Mr. Goalie 72"x48"
Item: MG
Price: $128.99
Mr. Goalie Junior Shooting Target 36x52Mr. Goalie Junior 36"x52"
Item: MGJR
Price: $88.99
Rick-O-Shay Goalie Goal Blocker Target Rick-O-Shay
Item: ROS
Price: $267.99
Hockey Goalie Shot Blocker TargetShot Blocker
Item: SB
Price: $79.99

Die cut hockey goal targets are constructed of 40 oz. nylon re-enforced vinyl that absorbs the shock of the puck when the shooter fails to score.

The targets fasten quickly with heavy straps, and the wrap around design eliminates strap damage and loss. A steel bar along the base keeps the target straight.

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Any truly serious shooting practice should involve either a real-life goalie or a hockey target as a goalie substitute...

Because unless there's a minute to go in the game, your team is up by 1 score, and the opposing goalie has been pulled so they can play against you 6 on 5, you're always staring at a goalie when trying to score!

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