Ice Rink Piping

Our ice rink piping provides greater heat-exchange surface area than conventional indirect or direct refrigeration piping systems. Extremely uniform ice temperature, with only ow pressure drop and low pump-hose power.

They are excellent for retrofit over old concrete rink floors and provide simple, fast installation in concrete, sand, or bare floor.

Ice rink piping oand canopy in Vancouver, British Columbia made by My Backyard Ice Rink.

  • evenly spaced tubes
  • uniformly raised over the rink floor
    by preinstalled, rigid, plastic spacer strips
  • flexible for non-standard designs
  • main header design option
  • portable by hand
  • easy to repair

Ice rink floor  piping and mats by My Backyard Ice Rink. Ice rink piping of My Backyard Ice Rink on pallet.

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