Build Rink Boards

There are many different ways to build rink boards.

There are also different types of materials such as wood or plastic that you can use in order to make your outdoor rink boards.

You can also purchase rink boards instead of making rink boards yourself.

Example of rink boards and brackets for outdoor skating rinkMaking wooden rink boards

The decisions you make will result in the type of boards you will end up having and your decision will depend on how much time you have, your budget, and the quality of the boards you need. It will also depend on the space you have.

I decided to build rink boards.

There are several different methods and materials you can use to build rink boards of different types. I will also show you where to buy good quality, reliable, easy-to-install rinks boards for your backyard ice rink.

One way is to make rink brackets out of wood for your outdoor skating rink.

Illustration of Wooden Rink Brackets and Boards Assembly for Backyard Ice Rink

I will now show you how I built my rink boards. You can see the final look of my rink and boards by going to the Liner Method page of my web site.

My Requirements For My Rink Boards?

I definitely wanted:

  • To build rink boards that would be very strong.
  • To build rink boards that are safe! Kids will be playing outside for hours, sometimes unsupervised. I have to feel comfortable and reassured that they could not get seriously hurt in any way, no matter how they played!
  • Easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Stand up to long term usage.
  • To build the rink boards ourselves since we thought the entire family would enjoy the process of making our own backyard ice hockey rink.

Rink Board Materials I Used

My first rink measured 16' (feet) wide by 32' (feet) in length. It is much larger now!

I went to my local hardware and lumber store, Home Depot, and bought:

  • 7 sheets of 5/8" thick plywood (4 feet x 8 feet)
  • 22 pieces of two-by-fours, each measuring 12 feet in length (total of 256 feet) to be used for framing the back of my boards since I wanted my boards to be very strong.
  • Outdoor wood paint with strong adhesion and penetration, and waterproof.
  • 1-5/8" flat-head stainless wood screws.

Cutting The Sheets and Wood

4' x 8' sheets of 5/8" plywood:

  • I put aside 2 without cutting them. These two higher rink boards go in the back of the goal nets.
  • I cut 4 sheets in half lengthwise to make:
  • 8 of 2' x 8' sheets of 5/8" thick plywood, to be used for the rink sides.

  • I cut the 7th in half both lengthwise (at 2 feet) and widthwise (at 4 feet), giving me:
  • 4 smaller sheets measuring 2' x 4'. Each one would go to each side of my larger 4' x 8' sheets that were left uncut and which go behind the goal nets.

2 x 4's:

  • I cut my 22 pieces into various lengths for framing the rink boards, giving me:
  • 8 foot sections = 20

    4 foot sections = 12

    1 1/2' foot sections = 24

Painting The Sheets and Wood

I made my rink boards in the summer when the weather was hot.

I took the plywood outside into my backyard and painted each and every one of them ... two coats - with a super-white outdoor wood paint. Then I let them thoroughly dry for a day or two.

I did the same thing to all the 2 x 4's for framing.

I wanted everything to be white and to last a long time!

My Rink Board Framing

I then screwed the sectional framework to the back of the plywood sheets creating very strong rink boards. I used an additional 2 x 4 length down the middle behind the 8 foot long rink boards. It gave them more strength.

That is how I build rink boards!

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