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Anton Strålman
Anton Strålman NHL player Installation of the synthetic ice rink at the home of Anton Strålman Installation of the synthetic ice rink at the home of Anton Strålman

"My dad got it set up over Christmas. Looks great!! Kids loves it and are out there every day. If not skating, then stick handling and shooting.   Here are a couple of pictures."
by Anton Strålman
Professional NHL Hockey Player - #6 of the Tampa Bay Lightning
( Tampa, Florida USA)

Anton Strålman's residential ice rink !

Tampa Bay Lightning!
Florida Panthers

Designed and Fabricated by My Backyard Ice Rink

residential ice rink of Anton Strålman

Anton Strålman's home ice rink!
home synthetice ice rink ofNHL player  Anton Strålman of the Tampa Bay Lightning!

"Hockey captures the essence of Canadian experience in the New World. In a land so inescapably and inhospitably cold, hockey is the chance of life, and an affirmation that despite the deathly chill of winter we are alive...."
by Stephen Leacock

USA & Canada

Backard rink and rink accessories shop on My Backyard Ice Rink!

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This web site is devoted to backyard rinks and everything connected to ice rinks. It offers (for free) the best information, tips, advice and recommendations you can find anywhere on the web about how to build your own backyard hockey rink or backyard ice skating rink.

We are also your source for everything you need for
building, and enjoying, your ice rink.

"I was passionate. I found something that I loved. I could be all alone in a big old skating rink and nobody could get near me and I didn't have to talk to anybody because of my shyness. It was great. I was in my fantasy world."
by Dorothy Hamill
American professional figure skater, 1976 Olympic champion
( Chicago, Illinois USA)

This web site is for anyone who loves winter and wants to create unforgettable moments by making a backyard skating rink.

Need help or answers? If you have questions concerning backyard ice rinks that you cannot yet find answers to on the web or this is site, please join (entirely for free) our backyard rink community at

mybackyardicerink Rink Community is a social backyard ice rink community that connects people with backyard rinks. Features blogs, forum discussions, video & photo sharing with other rink members! Help and be helped!

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"I think I am officially a backyard rink rat... I can tell you, NOTHING beats an outdoor hockey pick-up game under the lights with the snow falling, this is what dreams are made of...!"
by Ed Kunzelman
( Dublin, OH USA)
Outdoor Hockey Dreams

"The biggest thing for me is the passion that I've always had for hockey. I remember growing up, no matter what I did in life, my parents always told me to try to do my best at it and be my best. I can say going through different things that that passion is the most important part.
It's not skills or talent or any of that stuff."

by Sydney Crosby
( Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia Canada)

Build your own rink and
it will become an important part of
YOUR family life!


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Table of Contents

About Us -
The demand for high-quality ice rinks at economical and affordable pricing has increased globally over the years. People all over the world are realizing how much fun winter sports are, specifically hockey and skating. Many wanted to build their own rinks and needed some technicial knowledge and some honest help...

Backyard Hockey
If hockey is part of Canadian DNA, then backyard hockey is the force that fans the flames.

Play Backyard Hockey
Backyard Hockey. Why play an electronic game when you can be out skating? Here are 5 reasons why a genuine backyard hockey rink is worth the effort.

Wayne Gretzky
Wayne Gretzky: Dedicated web page for Wayne Gretzky. Read this short Wayne Gretzky biography to better understand his influence on the sport of hockey and the NHL.

Wayne Gretzky Family
The Wayne Gretzky family was very close. Wayne comes from a large family and is the oldest child in the Gretzky family.

Wayne Gretzky Biography
Wayne Gretzky Biography: The Wayne Gretzky biography depicts the life and times of The Great One; the all-time best center of the Edmonton Oilers.

Wayne Gretzky Quotes
Wayne Gretzky Quotes: This page is dedicated to listing all of the Wayne Gretzky quotes. Each Wayne quote will inspire any athlete.

Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card
Wayne Gretzky rookie card: Printed in 1979, the Wayne Gretzky rookie card is not rare but sells for a huge amount!

Walter Gretzky
Dedicated web page for Wayne Gretzky. Discover this short biography on walter gretzky to better understand his influence on Wayne Gretzky and the sport of hockey.

Rink Rats
I have compiled a list of professional and talnted hockey players who were probably considered "Rink Rats" when they were quite young.

Build Your Own Ice Rink
This site will show you how to build your own ice rink in your backyard. All the tips and tricks abount making backyard ice rinks and an outdoor skating rink.

Backyard Ice Rink Concept
Instruction on the basics of backyard ice rink concept and design. Which backyard ice rink concept is right for you? The Traditional (packing snow),the Modern (Plastic Liner) or the Refrigerated.

Old Fashion Backyard Ice Rinks
Learn how to build old fashion backyard ice rinks by packing snow.

Backyard Ice Rinks Liner Method
Use the backyard ice rinks liner method (using a plastic ice rink poly liner or tarp) when if you live in an area where you don't get too much snow or if your winter is mild or if you just want to have an easier time making and maintaining your backyard ice rink surface.

Refrigerated Backyard Ice Rinks
With refrigerated backyard ice rinks You can skate in temperatures up to 18-20° Celsius (64-68° Fahrenheit). They provide you with years of trouble-free operation.

Portable Ice Skating Rinks
Portable ice skating rinks can be used for skating, hockey practices and provide fun for the entire family. During cold temperatures, portable rinks quickly turn any backyard into an ice rink.

Ice Rink Chillers
Ice Rink Chillers. Chiller for ice rinks of many sizes. Portable rink chillers and flexible tubing grids eliminate the guesswork of installing a backyard rink chiller.

Plastic Rink Liner
A plastic liner is is made from a non-woven polyethelyne film. Using a white or clear plastic ice rink liner is probably the easiest method to make your backyard ice rink. Rink liners produce an incredibly smooth, flat ice surface in a very short period of time.

Plastic Rink Tarp
A plastic ice rink tarp is made from a woven plastic material thick material, normaly thicker than a plastic rink liner. A plastic rink tarp is used similarly to a plastic ice rink liner in order to produce an incredibly smooth, flat ice surface in a very short period of time. The process of flooding your ice an ice maintenance is so much easier using a plastic tarp or plastic ice rink liner.

Packing Snow
The olderst most traditional and still very efficient method to make a backyard or outdoor ice rink is by packing snow and spraying it with water.

Flooding Rink
By flooding rink, you will make a very smooth ice surface. You will need to flood your rink routinely. Procedures and tips on how and when to flood your ice rink.

Backyard Ice Resurfacing
Detailed information on ice resurfacing. Learn tips and information all about resurfacing your ice rink and about ice rink equipment, tools and machinery.

Hockey Art
Hocky Art: There ia alot of hockey art in the form of wall paintings, hockey posters hockey logos and other hockey prints. Add creative hockey ice logos to your backyard ice rink!

Synthetic Ice
Synthetic Ice: Now you can play hockey and ice skate all year long. Learn about fake ice that improves with time. Can a synthetic ice rink help your game?

Synthetic Ice Rinks
Synthetic ice rinks: Minimal maintenance! Skating, shooting, hockey drills and playing - boost your hockey skills at home all year long, either indoors or outdoors.

Synthetic Ice Rink
Synthetic Ice Rink. Which synthetic ice rink surface is best - we show you 5 points to look for, so you can decide which is best for your home or commercial use.

Synthetic Ice Information
Synthetic ice information: Decide if a synthetic ice rink will work for you. FAQ about synthetic ice rink panels, installation and longevity.

Synthetic Ice for Hockey
Synthetic ice for hockey. How do you practice and play hockey year around, even in summer? Daily entry fees, or - synthetic hockey ice.

Barrier Protective Hockey Rink Netting
Protective hockey rink netting provides a barrier to keeps pucks shot out our yor backyard ice rink in play and out of your neighbour's yard! The barrier protective hockey rink netting is used for puck containement and comes in different sizes and colors. We offer protective hockey rink netting similar to the ones you'd find on top the glass in ice hockey commercial arenas.

Hockey Net
A hockey net should be included in your plans for a backyard ice skating rink. There are different types of hockey nets: NHL, ART ROSS, OHL.

Hockey Net NHL
Hockey Net NHL

Hockey Net Art Ross
Hockey Net Art Ross

Hockey Net OHA
Hockey Net OHA

Hockey Net OHA
Hockey Net OHA

Pond Hockey Nets
Pond hockey nets are created especially pond hockey play. Pond hockey goals are specifically designed for pond hockey. They stand a maximum of approximately 1 foot high so players will have to keep the puck low when they shoot so you won't be chasing or losing pucks...

Goalie Shooting Targets
Goalie Shooting Targets helps the shooter drill the spots goalies find so hard to defend. Made for use in tough, ice hockey environments.

Winter Hats
Ushankas are the best of winter hats and are distinctly a Russian hat

Hockey Rink Dimensions
Hockey Rink Dimensions

Hockey Rink Diagram
Hockey rink Diagram of NHL ice hockey rink and Olympic ice hockey rink.

Top Outdoor Rinks
A list of world famous top outdoor rinks.

Somerset House Rink
Visit the Somerset House Rink in London, England.

Rockefeller Plaza Rink
Visit the Rockefeller Plaza Rink in New York, USA.

Wollman Rink
Visit the Wollma Rink in New York, USA.

Place de L'Hôtel de Ville Rink
Visit the Place de L'Hôtel de Ville in Paris, France.

City Hall Rink
Visit the City Hall Rink in Vienna, Austria.

Nathan Phillips Square Rink
Visit the Nathan Phillips Square Rink in Toronto, Canada.

Boston Common Rink
Visit the Boston Common Rink in Boston, USA.

Old Port Rink
Visit the Old Port Rink in Montral, Canada.

Tivoli Gardens Rink
Visit the Tivoli Gardens Rink in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Kongens Nytorv Rink
Visit the Kongens Nytorv Rink in Copengan, Denmark.

Kungstradgarden Rink
Visit the Kungstradgarden Rink in Stockholm Sweden.

Backyard Rink Books
I have listed some of the best backyard rink books for you to check out. Read stories and Improve your backyard rink with these books on backyard rinks, outdoor skating rinks, home ice and more.

Home Ice Jack Falla:Reflections On Backyard Rinks and Frozen Ponds by Jack Falla
Home Ice Jack Falla : Reflections on Backyard Rinks and Frozen Ponds by Jack Falla

Ice Time
Ice Time, A Tale of Fathers, Sons and Hometown Heroes.

Backyard Rink Movies
We have listed some of the backyard rink movies we enjoy. Relive hockey memories by watching these movies about outdoor hockey.

Pond Hockey Movie : A Documentary from Northern Films
Pond Hockey Movie is a documentary film from Northern Films featuring hockey players such as WAYNE GRETZKY,NEAL BROTEN,MARIAN GABORIK and PATRICK KANE.

In The Crease Movie : A Documentary from Stickmen Pictures LLC

Ice Rink Shop
The Ice Rink Shop has the essentials for the backyard rink builder. Check out what's new with Hockey DVDs, Outddor Rink Gear, Rink Equipment, Rink Music, Rink Book, etc. Community Community is your place to share videos, audio, photos, and stories. You get your own profile page, blog and unlimited media uploads!

Ice Rink Design
Ice Rink Design Blog News
mybackyardicerink Blog News keeps you up-to-date with all postings and news about backyard ice rinks, outdoor rinks, outdoor rink tips and technique, outdoor rink equipment and much more.

Backyard Rink Magazine (E-zine newsletter)
Get all the information about backyard rinks in my backyard rink magazine newsletter.

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Backyard Ice Rinks Contact
Contact page for information about making backyard ice rinks.

Tell a Friend
Tell a friend about Thie web site devoted to backyard rinks offers (for free), the best information, tips, advice and recommendations on how to build your own ice rink.

mybackyardicerink Sitesearch is all about one family's backyard rink. Search information on their backyard rink and information on a backyard rink, backyard rinks and outdoor skating rinks. Site Map
mybackyardicerink Site Map is provided in an effort to make it easier for readers to locate information of interest.

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