Rink Boards

If you decide not to build your own rink boards, you have the option of purchasing them.

We fabricate high-quality rink boards that are very DURABLE and AESTHETIC.

Our unique rink boards are offered in different sizes and shapes, and are made from different materials such as plastic, wood, and vinyl. Assembly and disassembly are different for different types of hockey boards.

If you would like to see some of our show-case hockey rinks and hockey rink board installations, you can visit Our Rinks page on this website.

We Offer the Highest-Quality Outdoor and Indoor Hockey Rink Boards Available

MBI has designed and fabricates excellent high-density aesthetic and affordable plastic rink boards.

These are designed to be used outdoors as well as indoors and are made from the most durable materials. They can withstand any shot!


  • high-density plastic rink boards
  • fiberglass rink boards
  • wooden rink boards
  • white color
  • round corners
  • aluminum framing
  • door for players
  • gate for equipment
  • U.V. resistant

Available sizes:

Commercial and residential grade boards:

  • 2' x 42"
  • 4' x 42"
  • 6' x 42"
  • 8' x 42"'
  • 10' x 42"

Junior boards:

  • 2' x 24"
  • 4' x 24"
  • 6' x 24"
  • 8' x 24"
  • 10' x 24"
  • Any custom size available!



Toll Free: USA/Canada

*Be sure to include postal or zip code when writing for pricing.

High-density, Durable Plastic Rink BoardsHigh-density, Durable Plastic Rink Boards

Player's Entrance Rink Gate:

Hockey Rink Board - Entrance Gate for Hockey PlayerHockey Rink Board With Entrance Gate for Players

High-density plastic rink gate use for players to get on the ice rink surface, 30"x 39" entrance, 0.440" thick, with stainless steel latch gate system hardware, lock and hinges located along the ice.

Equipment Entrance Rink Gate:

Hockey Rink Board - Entrance Gate for Ice Maintenance and Hockey Arena Rink Servicing

High-density plastic hockey rink entrance gate used to enter larger equipment for maintaining and servicing your outdoor and/or indoor hockey rink, with stainless steel lock and hinges located along the ice.

If you are interested in purchasing or inquiring about our unique hockey rink boards, please contact me detailing your backyard rink project and I will be more than happy to help you!

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