Ice Hockey Nets

A hockey net is a key accessory you must have if you want to play hockey on your backyard hockey rink. On my own rink, I decided to include two hockey goal nets, one at each end of our ice rink surface.

Whether just shooting into the net when alone or trying to score against your goaltender friends, ice hockey nets definitely make it more fun for everyone.

You won't be sorry adding one or even two goalie nets to your backyard rink, so plan for it in your initial rink budget.

There are different types of hockey goal nets, so figuring out which one you need is a good place to start. Visit the links below to learn more.

There are also Pond Hockey Nets which are specifically created for playing hockey on a pond.

Some hockey nets can be used on ice, on synthetic ice surfaces, in driveways and on streets for use in street hockey. Once you've identified a style of hockey net that serves you best, you'll be able to choose hockey goal nets in several sizes.

  • 6' x 4' (regulation size)
  • 60" x 48"
  • 54" x 44"
  • 3' x 2' and other sizes for youngsters

They come in varying diameters of metal tubing, and in both solid and folding construction.

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The most popular steel hockey goal nets have a frame constructed of 2 inch steel tubing. These ice hockey goal nets can withstand slapshots from as close as 10 feet, although an eventual minor dent is not unheard-of. The vast majority of the time, however, the steel frame will simply show a scuff where the puck caromed off.

Lastly, look for entire hockey goal net sets. These might contain one or even two hockey goal nets, plus sticks and pucks. A set can be the beginning of years of family hockey memories on your backyard ice rink.

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