NHL Hockey Goal Nets

Regulation NHL Hockey Goal Nets 72" x 48"

NHL hockey goal nets can enhance your shooting drills and hockey games. We offer several construction and pricing options.

According to the NHL website and the NHL Rulebook (PDF), the hockey goal dimensions are as follows:

NHL Hockey Net
  • The goal posts extend vertically four feet (4') above the surface of the ice
  • The goals post are six feet (6') apart measured from the inside of the posts.
  • A cross bar extends from the top of one post to the top of the other.

Our NHL hockey nets are durable, steel hockey goals that conform to NHL regulations.

If interested in purchasing NHL type, regulation size hockey goal nets


We carry the following NHL size hockey goal nets:

2 3/8" - NHL Regulation Size

2- 3/8″ NHL Style Arena Hockey Goal - One Piece Welded2- 3/8" NHL Style Arena Hockey Goal - One Piece Welded
Hockey Net 2-3/8″ Arena Style Goal Net2- 3/8" Arena Style Goal Net

2" - Most Popular Goal Nets

Hockey Net - 2″ Tournament Style Goal Net2" Tournament Style Goal
2″ Portable Goal 'Rink Rat'2" Portable Goal "Rink_Rat"

1 3/8" - The Lightest Models

Hockey Net 1 3/8&Prime; Portable Goal <em>Pro<em> Hockey Net1- 3/8" Portable Goal "Pro" Hockey Net
Hockey Net 1 3/8&Prime; Tournament Style Hockey Net - Special Price1- 3/8" Tournament Style Hockey Net

NHL Hockey Goal Nets - Construction Quality

These NHL Hockey goal nets are built to last a life time. They feature galvanized steel construction with attractive red enamel on the posts and crossbar, and white in the interior on Tournament and one-piece models.

All netting on our NHL hockey goal nets is bright white, UV treated 5mm knotless nylon, with full trim base skirting included to further protect the netting from pucks and skates.

You'll find impeccable attention paid to details - all welds are finished, all seams are very clean, and no unsightly or inferior construction.

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