Pond Hockey Nets

Pond hockey nets - don't waste good play time searching for wild pucks. Special pond hockey goal nets are great for pond hockey and backyard hockey games!

Pond hockey is lots of fun.

It's also growing in popularity. Both the USA and Canada have official pond hockey tournaments, in which teams can win awards as prestigious as names engraved on a Golden Shovel. You know, nearly as prestigious as the Stanley Cup!

2011 US Pond Hockey Champs - the Whiskey Bandits, posing with the Golden Shovel AwardPicture of the 2011 US Pond Hockey Champions courtesy of:
U.S. Pond Hockey Championships

For US Pond Hockey (USPHC) competitions, the hockey goal net is not a net at all. It is constructed out of 2x6 boards. Only 6-8 inches tall, the front of the goal is blocked off except for a few inches in each corner, since teams have no goaltenders.

Pond hockey goal net used in US Pond Hockey competitionsUS Pond Hockey Championship game, used with permission:
Pond hockey goal net used in US Pond Hockey competitions.

Under normal circumstances however, the ponds in your neighborhood don't have boards. Pond hockey nets are specifically designed for playing pond hockey. They stand a maximum of just 1 foot high. This is so players will have to keep the puck low when they shoot so you won't be chasing or losing pucks.

You don't always have a goalie on the pond (or your backyard) so these pond hockey goal nets make scoring more challenging. The target area is much smaller as opposed to shooting at an open net of regulation size.

Mybackyardicerink.com carries the following pond hockey goal nets:
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Pond Hockey Nets

Pond Hockey Net 72x12 TSPond Hockey 72"x12"
Top Shelf
Pond Hockey Net 72x12Pond Hockey Net 72"x12"
Pond Hockey Net 36x12 All StarPond Hockey Net 36"x12" All Star -
Developed for The All-Stars skills competition first debuted in Atlanta in 2008
Pond Hockey Net 72x10Pond Hockey Net 72"x10"

For home use, the pond hockey nets that we carry are attractive, space-saving and durable pond hockey goal nets. Use them on the pond, on your backyard ice rink, or in the basement synthetic rink.

Steel hockey goals come in various sizes, heights and widths, depending on your needs.

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