13 years in the making

by Ron Delvecchio
(North haven Ct)

Twelve years ago my wife and I bought a house in North Haven Ct.
Growing up playing pond hockey and football in the park I always had a love for the outdoors and the fun it had brought me.

I,like every man had plans for making his castle into his playground. Unfortunately my wife and two daughters to follow had other ideas, we only lived on a quarter acre lot anyway, so any thoughts I had of replicating Boston Garden were lost.

Then one day eleven years later they decided it would be a good idea to build condos on the other side of a stretch of wooded land in my back yard, that I didn't own by the way. So now not only is my woodsy view gone but I am going to have a six foot white fence to stare at which all but crushed my dreams of strapping the blades on.

As I watch the construction out my slider door a tear streaming down my cheek, you know like that Indian in that commercial, you young guys wouldn't know what I'm talking about, but anyway watching them dig for the fence, I noticed they were coming up a little short,,,,, like 100 feet short!!!!

My dream was still alive.,, I chopped the trees, leveled the land, bought an awesome tarp from MBYR some six by sixes and filled it with water.

Now if winter would arrive that would be nice, it's January and a balmy 43 degrees.
This big kid will be looking out the window at the thermometer everyday thanks to MBYR.
My family and I thank you.


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