5 Reasons to Play Backyard Hockey

Why play a backyard hockey electronic game sitting on the couch when you can play backyard hockey outside it in REAL life?

Here are 5 reasons why backyard hockey makes a genuine backyard ice rink worth the effort.

The First and Main Reason to Build a Backyard Rink

Because you love to play backyard hockey (ice hockey). You love to skate on ice, gliding across the glassy surface with a single push. You revel in the frigid chill of a winter's day, feeling vibrant and warm and alive. You love the swish and jerk of the hockey net when the puck slams in, or the exquisite skill required to drive the puck through the tiny openings of a pond hockey goal.

Jack Falla had it right. He built a backyard ice rink every year, even when the kids had moved away. Why? For the "pure joy of skating and play". Even in his retirement, Jack could be found on his backyard hockey ice, skating his laps every morning, keeping himself young as he aged.(1)

The Second Reason for Playing Hockey in the Backyard

To foster unity and family friendship. A backyard rink keeps the kids at home and out of trouble. It is a way to provide entertainment and family community right at home - a chance to be there for, to build bonds with and to influence your kids positively.

One family built a large rink, and now holds annual "Stanley Cup Playoffs" in their backyard. By 'Stanley Cup,' we mean a large round milk can to which 3 varying sizes of round cake tins are attached, and which is topped with a round mixing bowl. Ingenious! And authentic-looking...kind of!

The Third Reason for Having a Backyard Ice Rink

To improve skills. Without a doubt, ready access to ice time, lots of it, is key to developing hockey skills. Do your kids demonstrate a natural talent to skate, a love of hockey, or dreams of playing in the NHL? If yes, the gift of yearly backyard ice rinks will definitely help kids develop skills. Play backyard hockey!

It is up to the individual child whether the skills will eventually match the dreams. But no matter the eventual outcome, the years of backyard hockey games and hockey practices will have built both character and memories.

The Fourth Reason for Making a Backyard Rink

To keep your hockey costs to a minimum. Backyard rinks are a way to participate and play backyard hockey while keeping the actual $$ costs as low as possible. Lower rink costs, minimal to no fuel expenditures, unlimited opportunities to practice...this is a way to enjoy the game of hockey without shelling out an arm and a leg.

Even better if you can also obtain excellent quality used hockey equipment.

Plus, you need feel no pressure to build a 'perfect' rink, since it comes down after a few months. Chances are, with a financial outlay of $100 to $300, you could create a very respectable backyard rink in order to play backyard hockey. And don't forget, while you'll likely want to purchase a new liner every year, you can reuse the perimeter boards over and over again for many more years.

The Fifth Reason for Making an Ice Rink in the Backyard

The sport of backyard hockey is an absolutely terrific way to cure cabin fever. Bored? Grab your stick, travel 25 feet out the back door, skate and play backyard hockey!

It's amazing the sheer joy that comes from a slab of ice in the back yard, joy that multiplies itself for many ice-cold days every winter that you play backyard hockey in the back yard with your buddies and neighborhood friends.

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