Home Ice

Reflections on Backyard Rinks and Frozen Ponds

by Jack Falla

Home Ice by Jack Falla is most probably one of the best books written on backyard ice rinks.

Home Ice: Reflections On Backyard Rinks and Frozen PondsHome Ice
by Jack Falla

Jack Falla was a veteran sports journalist and was a writer for Sports Illustrated. Jack Falla is a native to New England and currently teaches sports journalism at Boston University.

Home ice is a collection of incredibly written stories describing Jack Falla's construction of his own backyard ice rink. Jack Falla explains how his backyard rink has served to connect to his family, friends and the game of hockey.

Home Ice is a wonderful book, and is intended for backyard rink enthusiasts and for anyone interested in the true spirit of the game.

I highly recommend this book to those who are interested in building a backyard ice rink and for those who have a home rink already.


"Home Ice is a treasure.... Possibly the best book since Ken Dryden's The Game."
-Eric Duhatschek

"A gentle and powerful book."
-Dave Bidini

"Literary hot chocolate that will warm your heart"
-New York Times

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