Wayne Gretzky Family

The Wayne Gretzky family is very close.

Wayne Gretzky was born January 26, 1961.

His dad, Walter Gretzky, was born October 8, 1938. His mom, Phyllis Gretzky, was born October 14, 1941 and passed away on December 19, 2005.

Wayne Gretzky had four siblings:

  • Kim Gretzky was born May 12, 1963
  • Keith Gretzky was born February 16, 1967
  • Glen Gretzky was born August 15, 1969
  • Brent Gretzky was born February 20, 1972

Wayne Gretzky married Janet Jones-Gretzky, who was born on January 10, 1961.

Wayne Gretzky is a devoted father. Wayne Gretzky and his wife Janet live in California with their five children:

  • Paulina Mary Jean Gretzky was born December 19, 1988
  • Ty Robert Gretzky was born July 9, 1990
  • Trevor Douglas Gretzky as born September 14, 1992
  • Tristan Wayne Gretzky was born August 2, 2000
  • Emma Marie Gretzky was born March 28, 2003

The Wayne Gretzky family resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

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