Refrigerated Portable Rinks

We carry residential refrigerated portable rinks for your backyard. These are designed, fabricated and installed by MYBACKYARDICERINK.

Our portable refrigerated ice rink systems maintain ice up to 55°F or less making it easy to operate your backyard skating rink or backyard hockey rink even in the mildest of winter weather conditions.

Our residential portable refrigerated rinks are very easy to assemble and disassemble after 5 to 7 months of making ice outdoors!

Our Ice Rink Chillers are heavy-duty, low-ambient and industrial-grade!

Our portable rink piping is rollable and can be stored easily indoors during the off-season.

Our entire rink design is very modular and can be expanded as needed. We offer several different types of Rink Boards of difference sizes and with several options.

Visit a rink made by MYBACKYARDICERINK:

Residential Portable Refrigerated Ice Rink
at Elmhurst, ILLINOIS

(a Western Suburb of Chicago)

Go to Ice Rink Chillers to learn about ice rink chiller refrigeration and portable, flexible tubing grids.

Or Contact Us for more information on refrigerated backyard ice rinks and ice rink refrigeration systems, or for an estimate for your backyard ice rink.

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